Otso Harju
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My photo book on the similarities in the socio-geographic atmosphere of Finnish coastal cities, Kaikki on ihan samanlaista / Everything’s the same, is finally out. It features 100+ pages of sheer lovingly depressive, strangely beautiful (semi)urban Finnish summer. The A5 sized book is printed on semi-glossy paper and wrapped in a matte cover that doubles as a poster. The very nifty open binding lets the spreads open fully. With it, we travel from Porvoo all the way to Kokkola. The best way to get it right now is to send me an email me on otso.harju@gmail.com. And the price isn’t bad, 6 euros + shipping. These wonderful repros were taken by my favorite partner in crime, Helen Korpak. Kaikki on ihan samanlaista / Everything’s the same. HO Books 2013. ISBN 978-952-93-2526-9
The cover of Kaikki on ihan samanlaista / Everything’s the same doubles as a poster.